Welcome to Penns Creek Cabin


Looking for a secluded wilderness environment on the banks of renown, breathtaking wild trout ‘river’?  Would all of the comforts of home

Blue Rock Pool just downstream from cabin

enhance your enjoyment and complete your escape?  


Shining Waters Upstream from the Cabin
Shining Waters

Located in a remote area of Bald Eagle State Forest in Central PA is … Kaarondinhah’s Camp Guttalata.

“Kaarondinhah” (ka ron’ den hah‘) was the Lenni Lenape name for “shining waters”, refering to a special stretch of water on Penn’s Creek on which Penns Creek Cabin is located.

“Guttalata”, commonly called The Green Drake,  is one of the largest species of the mayfly genus Ephemera, for which Penn’s Creek is WORLD FAMOUS.  

Female Green Drake Dun
Penn’s Creek’s Famous Green Drake
Ephemera Guttalata

Nestled deep in Bald Eagle State Forest, along the wooded banks of this hallowed and still revered water, Penns Creek Cabin is the perfect location for a  variety of outdoor pleasures. Surrounded by thousands of square miles of uninhabited forest, activities like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking/ canoeing, inner-tubing in the summer are right out your front door.

Penns Creek Cabin

This web site is filled with information about the multitude of activities that can be enjoyed when you step outside of this comfortable, secluded  “home-away-from- home”.  If  you have any questions about Penns Creek Cabin please look through the site or contact us.

Guests Enjoying the view from Camp Guttalata
Guests at Camp

Come and enjoy our little piece of Pennsylvania Paradise.  If you would like to know more about Penn’s Creek’s special aquatic qualities and entomology, as well as the history and the geology of the area, Dan Shields has  written a book, A River Journal, Penn’s Creek.  An overview of this book can be read at  Fly Anglers Online.  You can also find it in the Links Page.